new to riverside - cool..!
Hey great! You’ve never been to Riverside, and your wondering what it’s like? Here at Riverside we want to “connect people to God and grow together”. What does that mean for you?

1. Getting to Church

Park your car in the street. Walk on up to the school hall. It’s a real easy short walk (we know it can be hard when its your first time.)
2. Got Kids?

We love kids. Ours are rowdy, quiet, fun, and sociable. We have a real mix. Bring yours into church and once Church gets started we pack the kids off to do their own thing.

3. Say Hello

We love to chat. Just say hello (or we will) and take it from there.

4. The Service

We love to sing, pray and here from God’s word. Its VERY casual. Dont be too shy to sing and chat.

The offering (tithe): At the end of the service we take up an offering. Dont feel obliged to give anything…it’s for those who have dedicated themselves to supporting Riverside.

5. The Exit Plan

After the service the best thing to do is hang around for coffee and a bite to eat. Did I already say we love to chat? Otherwise feel free to stroll on back home. And thanks for visiting!

And finally…the dress code!

Basically - whatever you want.  We have sharp, snazzy dresses to casual dress types.  Just come along (with some clothes on).
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